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Protecting sea turtles

Welcome to Smile For Life, we are a young and dynamic NGO. We are focused on protecting sea turtles that visit our coast to lay their eggs and additionally offshore where they may become unintended by-catch in artisanal fisheries. The Gambia is a rich nesting ground for turtles but human threats have had a large impact on turtle populations causing them to decline.


In The Gambia, the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1977 and the Biodiversity / Wildlife Policy and Regulation of 2003 is the legal framework to protect marine turtles. Many people do not obey the regulations and so it is necessary for Smile For Life to work in communities along the coast to protect the turtles. We are authorised and licensed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management to conduct our conservation work throughout coastal areas of the country.

Please explore our website to learn more about our work and the turtles we protect. 

Welcome to The Gambia!

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Smile for Life is a founding member of the West African Sea Turtle Conservation Network.