A Little About Us


Smile For Life was founded by Omar Sanyang and Mariama Sanyang in 2011. Our headquarters is based in the town of Sanyang in the southern part of the country. We have more the 20 volunteers who come to protect the turtles each season. As we grow and develop our programs we will be able to offer employment to local people through eco-tourism sea turtle based activities.

Omar Sanyang

Co-founder and Executive Director

Omar is a Gambian by Nationality. After graduating from college, he decided to go into the field of environmental friendly and biodiversity work. He was a Red Cross volunteer and then also a youth activist. From there he came up with the idea of setting up an Organization to protect flora and fauna, also degraded mangrove restoration and environmental protection. Today much efforts is concentrated on sea turtle protection.

Our Volunteers

Helping to Protect Sea Turtles

Smile For Life has a volunteer network throughout the southern coastal area of The Gambia. These volunteers assist our conservation efforts out of an appreciation for nature and desire to protect sea turtles and marine life for future generations. We hope to be able to offer the most committed volunteers some form of permanent livelihood opportunity within the organisation in the future.