Our Current Work

Smile For Life has already undertaken a number of steps to reduce threats to sea turtles to ensure their survival. Our work adopts many different approaches and includes:

  • Outreach to schools focusing on sensitizing the younger generation as they are the best medium to spread the message to households within their communities
  • Community sensitization among adults and village leaders for sea turtle conservation
  • Patrolling six nesting beaches during the nesting season to protect nesting turtles from poachers
  • Identifying recently laid nests and relocating them if they are at risk from high tide, predators or beach riding
  • Training local community volunteers how to manage a hatchery - to date more than 12,000 eggs have been protected: 8,300 taken into Sanyang hatchery and another 4000 protected in-situ on the beach.
  • Outreach and awareness to artisanal fishermen who use wooden canoe boats for fishing.

Future Plans

  • Expanding by-catch release protocol program with artisanal fishermen
  • Conduct flipper tagging of by-catch turtles and nesting turtles and recording data
  • Establishing annual conference for both state officials and artisanal fishermen
  • Educational workshops on sea turtle conservation for state officials
  • Developing a sea turtle conservation strategy plan for national authorities
  • Spreading awareness through media campaigns, radio slots and public signage
  • Partnering with other international NGOs to create better protection for sea turtles
  • Establishing a marine biodiversity interpretation centre
  • Re-planting of coastal mangroves to reduce coastal erosion and provide nursery grounds for fish.